The Watertown Police Relief Association was organized in 1936 and restructured in 2009 in order to better support our members. We restructured under The Watertown Police Relief Committee and operate under the same by-law structure as in previous years. Our membership is comprised of sworn personnel, active and retired, regardless of rank, and is governed by the power vested in the Board of Director’s who are elected under the Health and Welfare Executive Committee, by the membership.

The Watertown Police Relief Committee was founded for the primary purpose of establishing financial stability in order to offer a life insurance policy for our members, to assist in costs related to bereavement. We also promote the social and economic welfare to our members and of their families.

The Watertown Police Relief Committee and our members are proud to be part of the Watertown Community and serve our citizens.

We would like to thank you, the community, for all your support and commitment to the Watertown Police Department and our Committee.